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ugChain's core is based on blockchain technology. The DAS aka Decentralized Account System featuring user autonomy built on the Ethereum, provides hassle-free user experience in information authorization across service providers - by only requiring user to provide the signature with his/her private key, rather than traditional experience to register and log in with password under each centralized service provider.

ugChain first entered the gaming industry and teamed up with 360, Hoolai and other China domestic famous game operators to design a gaming ecosystem solution with the application scenarios including game distribution channel, game account trading, game payment, virtual commodity purchase, E-gaming, league holding, crowdfunding, community and other areas.

Decentralized account system - DAS

Users don’t need to sign up and sign in. They only need to provide signature signed by private key.

Decentralized Game Channel

Game assets are registered on bockchain, so transactions can be executed by smart contract quickly and securely.

Game Prepayment and Prop Purchase

Processes involving token payment and transfer of game asset will be performed through paying agent account to provide users’ private keys.

Authorized Payment

Payment agent account helps users to send transactions and can save users from paying mining fee.

UGT with Dual Attributes

UGT is GAS of the system and also can be seen as voting weight in community autonomy.

Game distribution

Any participant holding a UG account can use the service provided by the platform to create an independent channel and build his/her own promotion and profit sharing system.

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We are actively working on redefining the value of blockchain and build new blockchain application system in game industry.


ugChain’s advantages

In 2016, ugChain received a joint investment from Legend Capital, Sequoia Capital, Zero2IPO Venture and Cyberagent; So far, ugChain has gained more than 500 large and medium game carriers in China (the lineup still keeps growing). At present, ugChain cooperates with these carriers through traditional channels and will directly migrate to the ugChain channel after product launch.

ECG, an electronic game carrier, has joined the ugChain family in advance; The 360 mobile game aid and other traditional channels have been firstly onboarded to the blockchain wallet of ugChain, while other counterparties will follow; ugChain maintains good relations with upstream and downstream game companies under Tencent and Alibaba.

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P2P Battle on Chain Platform "Carry"

Based on the intelligent contract management of blockchain technology, it is a real fair competition platform allowed users to invite matches each other.

Taking peer to peer battle on chain as the core, it will expand the vitality of the game from the offline league, the training of the team, and the live program of the e-sports games, to create a ecological e-sports industry.

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World University Games League (WUGL)

WUGL(UG-league)World University Games League, It is sponsored by ugChain, the development operator of "Carry", the first e-sports p2p battle platform in China, to carry out the mobile e-sports event in world’s universities, with the most popular mobile games such as Glory Of the King and Mobile Legends, etc.

The tournament is set up on five continents, and many colleges and universities are selected to set up match points. All the competitions are on campus and the radiation crowd is over 10 million. The finals will be hosting in Chengdu, China. The league open cooperation matrix and media matrix, to aggregate the culture label which is popular with young people and create the online and offline phenomenological game ecology.

585-336-3943 WUGL Powerpoint presentation file to know more about WUGL.

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